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    In 1980, The Denver Alumni Chapter began looking at building a facility that could provide housing for senior citizens. The first hurdle was acquisition of the land at 2100 Downing Street. The land was purchased and the housing committee realized that there was still much to do. The help of Brothers Leonard Chadwick and William H. Coker, II was enlisted. Chadwick and Coker II had held management positions with the Denver Housing Authority and were knowledgeable in managing a low-income housing facility. Brother Tyrone Holt, an attorney, would handle all legal matters while Roy Gentry and his accounting firm had the experience and personnel to take care of the accounting needs. Bradshaw, with his extensive knowledge of federal state, and local housing regulations, consulted with attorney Holt to devise the structure by which the chapter could acquire the financial resources to bring the project to reality.

    Thus, the Denver Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity started Kappa Housing Inc. which is a company that would own and sponsor the Kappa Tower facility. That led to the start of Kappa Management Inc. which is a company that, on the other hand, would manage the facility. On May 14, 1981 the nine members of the housing committee filed Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of the State of Colorado as a not for profit organization called Kappa Housing Incorporated or KHI.

    The officers of the newly incorporated KHI were Leonard G. Chadwick - Chairman, Columbus Veasey Jr. - Vice Chairman, Earl Steward -Secretary, and Roy W. Gentry - Treasurer. Members of KHI included William H. Coker II, Alonzo H. Love, James G. Mann, E. E. Allen, and Halcolm Holliman. A year later in 1982, Carl F. Dixon, Alfred C. Smith and Harold Jacobs incorporated Kappa Management. The framework was now complete and KHI would now pursue securing the loan to begin construction.

    Today Kappa Tower is standing tall with its forty-ifve apartments fully occupied. It continues to receive a superior rating from HUD for operation and management. William H. Coker II served as the first manager of Kappa Tower from 1984-1988 followed by Robert P. Rogers, Executive Director of Kappa Management from 1988-1992. E. Dean Brown served as the Executive Director from 1992-2001, and was succeeded by Executive Director, James O. Deadwiler, in June of 2001.

    In addition, Kappa Management is responsible for the management of two other senior citizen apartment complexes in Denver. The complexes are Shorter Arms with forty-one units and Allen Gardens with fifty units. This story is not only about the history of Kappa Tower but the men of the Denver Alumni Chapter who, because of their dedication, determination and willingness to sacrifice, achieved their goal.